Monday, April 26, 2010


Catalunya loves the Coca. They claim it pre-dated the Pizza. We will never know. But what I do know is that the town markets and shops are awash with a vast array of items named Coca. But they all seem to be radically different. Basically Coca refers to a wide variety of pastry products, both sweet and savory. Some clearly bear a strong resemblance to the Pizza, others to pies and others to brioche or other sweet nut-crusted breads.Officially there are 4 types, Covered coca (like a pie or pasty) a pizza or a sweet French "bande", a doughnut in shape but much larger (includes the roscon de reyes, see separate post). Look in the labels section on the right margin of the blog for roscon) and "plain or other words un-garnished.

I haven't tried them all but here are some I saw in a local market and the savoury ones were amazing.

the pizza link is obvious...i'm talking real pizza, not high street pizza.

sweet and nutty with puff pastry

covered/enclosed or pasty-like

plain/nude and sweet


  1. For a minute I thought you'd helped clarify this subject for me, but now I'm not sure you have and I'm still confused between coca and pastiset... and I don't know if I've spelled that correctly either!

  2. Jan I know it's confusing. My understanding is that pastisset is the sugary, pasty-shaped pie containing cabel d'angel preserve or sweet potato preserve (moniato) I will post on this next. Regards. Anton