Monday, May 17, 2010


There;s always something going on here. Something to lift a boring week. We had a Tapas festival the other week whereby 20 or 30 restaurants put on special tapas selections with a glass of wine. These were cheaply prices to encourage people to cruise from one to another. I;m not sure if the council subsubized it. This weekend saw a local wine fair which coincided with some very summery weather. It was a tented affair on the main Rambla. 5 Euros bought you vouchers for 5 glasses (150ml) of wine. There were also local food artisans selling hams, cheeses and Fideua ( a kind of paella made with short noodles). There was also music and a kind of horse and trap parade too. All in all a very pleasant Sunday afternoon. Such a simple idea.

Here's a picture of a proper fideua from our summer staff party.


  1. Wow, 5 euro's for 5 glasses! I miss Spain...

  2. That;s what makes living in Spain such fun. Things like that. Maybe it's subsidized.