Saturday, October 9, 2010

YEAR 2. I'm back!

Haven't posted for ages, but I'm back now. Many things have happened. I have moved to a lovely studio flat in the Old Town. It's awash with medieval charm and atmosphere. And I'm alone! I love it!
I don't miss the old place. Flat sharing had run it's course. Although I will look back on the madness with a wry smile;
The alcoholic, manic-depressive Romanian girl who never gave up trying to tempt me into bed. Her tactics ranged from straight forward flattery, spontaneous hugs and enforced hand-holding, to drunken confessions of passion and finally the direct-marketing approach of knocking on my bedroom door at 3am dressed in a negligé and smelling of Vermouth.
Then there was the bizarre Brazilian football agent who always greeted me by bellowing in a cod American accent :
'Hey maaaan, Antony Quinn! How u doin?'
This was the sum total of his English.
He was permanently on the verge of making it big......but in the mean time kept asking me if I could pay his rent for the next month.
He also had a huge penchant for eating other peoples food.
"We're a family" he said. "What's mine is yours."
The trouble was I wasn't that partial to out-of-date yoghurt and stale toast biscuits. He, however was very partial to most things.
One day I baked 4 peppers stuffed with tuna and basil and left them in the oven to cool. When I came back several hours later looking forward to dinner there was half of one left. He came out of his room, slapped me on the back and said;
'Damn! Those peppers were good! I could smell them from my room but it took me ages to find them. You're a good cook Antony Quiiiiinn!'
However he had an achiles heel. I discovered by chance he hated spicy food, and as I like it my problem was solved. It was chilli with everything. I kid you not....I even made chilli-chocolate muffins just to foil his pilfering.
Attached are a few pics of my new flat. My balcony has the red towel outside .


  1. The cheek of him pinching your food! You mean the one with the Catalan flag outside isn't yours?

  2. Hi Jan. I know. It really got on my nerves. Anyway I love my new flat. My red towel is my unique personal flag of independence.