Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Got a call from a friend who said our mutual friend Joan (pronounced joo-un) had a gift for me. I headed to Joan's restaurant and was presented with two freshly shot partridges. After much cheffy banter about how best to cook the beasts I headed off home to pluck.
They were about 5 days old so beginning to wiff slightly which is the desired condition. I plucked conscientiously into a plastic bag to stop my flat looking like I'd had a pillow-fight with 6 teenagers and then dispached the now-familiar looking creatures into a pan on my trusty two-ring kitchenette stovetop.
I braised the birds which effectively gave me a meaty soupçstew which was damn good.
Thanks Joan.

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  1. Hey!! Just spotted your comment on my blog, I'm always so out of date these days!! Hope all's well, are you back for Navidades at all?? xxx