Saturday, February 11, 2012

Return to Tarragona

I was invited to my bosses birthday bash and took about 30 seconds to accept. So.....internet....easyjet.....hirecar later I arrive at my friends house in Torreforta. The bonus is that the weekend coincides with the annual Calçotada festival in Valls. Those who know me know I'm obsessed with calçots but had neve managed to get to the festival before.
It was cold and icy but with bright skies.
Valls is a lovely historic Catalan town and this festival is ....mark my words..... going to become a highlight of any gourmand's calendar.
For those who still don't know, calçots are similar to leeks. They are roasted over a wood fire until black and charred. You strip the charred leaves with your fingers and dip the sweet, smoky, caramelized centre of the onion into romesco and lower into mouth. The feast also includes wine, grilled meats and vegetables, and it is eaten standing up, with a bib for protection. I intend to showcase one in Bristol soon.

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