Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tarragona...what's not to like?


yes, this is a Miró commissioned tapestry

Many people have said to me (including my employer) why Tarragona? Are you sure? Wouldn't you rather be in a bigger city?
My answer from the day I stumbled across this jewel has been ...WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?
- Beautiful, unspoilt coastal location.
- Few tourists.....(haven't heard a single british voice in town)
- Amazing historic Old Town
- Fascinating 'tension' between Spain and Catalunia. (some people really uncomfortable speaking Castillian)
- Wonderful traditional fiestas. The week-long Santa Tecla is a blast for anyone looking to gain insight into another culture.
- Small enough so I can afford to live centrally.
- Barcelona is only a 6 euro train-ride away.
- I can run through the medieval Old Town, down to the beautiful, deserted beach, along to the Port, up through the seedy Port town and home, on a daily basis. It's like a trip through the centuries on foot!
- I can stroll down the elegant Ramblas (there are two) to the Balcon del Mediterraneo, which must be up there with any seaside town promenade in Europe.
- The Food Market...see previous posts. They speak for themselves.
- The art. Yes there is art. A couple-or-three museums....see pics above.
- Finally what I call 'the allure of restricted entry' . This City hides it's best secrets. It hasn't prostituted itself. You can't access them without inside introduction. Many things go on by word of mouth. I am still very much an outsider, but I can smell the secrets,,,they are there....waiting for me to win my rite of passage. Then the true rewards will reveal themselves. (double click to enlarge all pics).

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